3 Portfolio Threats Investors Should Hedge Against in 2016


From oil volatility to interest rate hikes, three asset managers weigh in on the biggest under-reported risks on the horizon for investors.

Oil Volatility

David Belzer, Managing Director, Pathway Energy Infrastructure Fund: The price of oil is the biggest risk within certain energy subsectors in the coming months. Future oil prices will have a significant implication, not only on the bottom line performance of certain energy companies, but also on…Read More

Central Banks

Joe Wade, Chief Investment Officer, Meritage Capital: Three underreported, yet significant, risks come to mind. The first is that the central banks of the world seem to be losing control of policy, or rather, their policy’s impact on the market. We saw this happen recently when the Chinese devalued the yuan, which resulted in…Read More

Rate Hikes

Nishil Mehta, Head of Capital Markets, Prospect Capital Corporation: Perhaps the biggest underreported risk we must consider is the recent decision by the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates, as well as the subsequent rate hikes which many experts believe will soon follow. A rising interest rate environment represents a significant policy shift from…Read More