A place far, far away …


As a CEO, I’m occasionally asked why my career evolved the way it did. Actually, I have wondered that myself. Upon reflection, I’ve come to believe that a conscious choice that my wife and I made many years ago, to travel broadly and adventurously as a family, has resulted in many blessings—both personal and professional.

We’ve had the good fortune to travel to almost every continent, and what we discovered is that our minds are greatly expanded when we force ourselves to “rough it.” When we buy groceries and prepare our own meals, or navigate with an old-fashioned map, or simply ask people for directions instead of relying on modern technology. Those many conscious choices to live in the community and with the community wherever we go have led to experiences that transformed us, both in terms of how we view life and how we choose to live life.

This path eventually led us to establish a second home in a place far away: Cafayate, Argentina. This little slice of paradise, set in a remote and distant place, has allowed us to connect with friends that share the same passions and, just as importantly, with local Argentines who have become our friends.

Years of bumbling around unfamiliar lands, lost and confused, ultimately led us to establish a comfortable routine in a place where we feel at home. Sure, everything is different and not always better, but it is this different way of doing things that forces our minds and hearts to change and adapt to this new environment.

Through these experiences, I have come to believe that doing things differently is transformative, and the benefits are better decision making and a more rewarding life. It logically follows that we should encourage our clients to try living this way a few weeks out of each year. When they come back full of stories—funny, stressful, breathtaking and life changing—we can help them see these experiences as a type of investment training.

Aren’t the skills the same? Opening our minds, getting involved, trying something new and forcing ourselves to learn by doing in real life can translate wonderfully into the skills we need to organize and manage our wealth.

So, my suggestion is to make your clients travel adventurously. Encourage them to invest some of their wealth back into living and growing, and to then use their experiences to relate vital and essential concepts required to be successful. These will be stories they remember for the rest of their lives and, if we can help them connect their experiences with financial truths, we will have changed lives for the better.

Frank Muller

As CEO of Provasi Capital Partners, Frank Muller brings nearly 30 years of experience in building and managing multi-channel distribution services. Frank has been a featured contributor in numerous industry publications, bringing his unique insights and perspectives to relevant issues impacting financial advisors and their clients.

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Frank Muller